Early Childhood Education and Care - PhD

The new PhD program in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) closely reflects and will directly enhance the University of Massachusetts Boston's mission, with its commitment to urban and global engagement and dedication to the public good.

The purpose of this PhD program is to produce future leaders who are prepared to transform opportunities and outcomes for young children through skilled research, policy development, and innovative practices.  This is accomplished through a program that is both research-intensive and policy and practice oriented.  The focus is on using and develpoing knowledge to address pressing, meaningful problems in the development of young children, especially in underrepresented and underserved populations, including those living in poverty, with disabilities or developmental delays, and from immigrant or refugee groups, within the United States and also in developing countries.  Through their research,  students address applied questions in policy and practice.  The focus is on young children, especially the first five years of life, a period often neglected in schools of education.

Areas of Concentration:

  • Learning and Teaching in the First Five Years
  • Leadership, Policy, and Finance in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Urban, Multilingual, and Global Contexts for Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Individual Concentration

This degree program is research-intensive.  It requires coursework and participation on a research team with faculty, and completion of a dissertation.


UMASS Boston

Contact Person(s): 
Jennifer Wood
Doctorate (PhD)
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