Certificate of Early Childhood Development

The Certifictae of Early Childhood Development is focused on beginning coursework needed for Teacher and Lead Teacher certification with the Department of Ealry Education and Care.  Upon completion students will have 18 credits in coursework related to Early Childhood Development.  Students must meet additional experiential requirements by working in a licensed child care program during or after meeting the educational requirements for teacher and/or lead teacher certification.

Upon Completion of this Concentration Graduates will be able to:

  • Use knowledge of child development and relationships with children and families to understand children as individuals and plan for their unique development by organizing environments which facilitate development in all developmental areas.
  • Design and implement developmentally appropriate learning experiences using methods and materials which promote growth and development.
  • Work with parents, families, and community leaders to support growth and development of children by engaging each child in meaningful experiences.
  • Observe children in their care to analyze and synthesize information about those children so as to improve their work with children, families, and communities.
  • Analyze, evaluate and strengthen their work with children by reflecting upon effective practices and collaborating with other professionals in the field.

Bunker Hill Community College

Contact Person(s): 
Judy Lindamood, Ed.D
Department Chair
Teaching Credentials: 
EEC Lead Teacher Certification, EEC Teacher Certification
Course Delivery Format: 
Face-to-Face, Traditional Day Program, Evening and Weekends, Online, Hybrid (Face-to-Face + Online)