Lasell College

Lasell College offers state-approved licensure program at Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary levels.  The Early Childhood Programs train individuals in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in Early Childhood.  Lasell students are out in the field from their first semester in a variety of districts and the program is aligned with the new Mass Professional Standards for Teachers released in 2015.


All of our programs integrate understanding and application of the learning process, professional skills, and a broad-based knowledge of content in the specific field of early childhood education.  Our program uses Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles and backwards design methods in our teaching, and embeds best practices in the field every day and those identified by the state of Massachusetts as high leverage practices for teachers and student success.


The Office of Student Financial Planning works with students at every stage of their education, whether as a new undergraduate, a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student, to help navigate the process of applying for financial aid.  Whether it is from federal, state, or institutional resources, we will be here to assist students in identifying and securing the aid for which they are eligible.  Most of our students receive significant support.

Student Supports:

Lasell College offers several supports.  The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) provides MTEL preparation workshops.  The Center also provides academic support and tutoring 4 days a week in person and online.

Programs Available

Bachelors Degree - Elementary Education 1-6 Grade


This major is designed for students who plan to teach at the elementary school level across subjects or just in mathematics (grades 1-6).

Bachelors Degree - Early Childhood Pre-K - 2nd Grade


This major in Interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Education is designed for students who seek licensure in the Early Childhood licensure program (Pre-K-2nd grade).